For new parents choosing a school is certainly a challenge. Especially now there are so many schools with a variety of learning methods and curriculum. If you are looking for the best school for your child, you can visit

Choosing the method and school curriculum should be adjusted to the character of the child. The goal is that children feel comfortable and not frustrated when facing school days.

First, the Montessori method. This method usually uses tools in the learning process. Children in Montessori schools will generally be more active than their teachers. They generally rarely get worksheets. Children with neat, logical and structured characters fit into the Montessori method school.

Then there are nature-based schools. This school generally uses a curriculum from the Department of Education. It’s just that all the tools used involve nature. For example, learning biology directly in nature, mathematics with tools from nature and so on.

This type of school is very common in many activities in nature, so it is suitable for children who are active or observer and exploratory. But don’t try to put neat children into this school. They might get stressed.

There is another character school. Schools with this method are also being loved a lot. Character schools will usually include moral values ​​in each lesson. There are nine characters that will be involved in each lesson given.

Then schools with multiple intelligence methods. For this type of school usually, it will involve eight bits of intelligences in its learning activities. The goal is to see which of these eight bits of intelligences the child stands out the most. Apart from the method, there is also a curriculum.

Quite confusing right? But that’s the picture now. Being a parent is not just sending children to school and finishing. Everything chosen must be considered carefully by parents. Remember to adapt it to the child and not impose the will or ambition of parents. Because if the wrong choice, then the potential for children will not be explored to the fullest.

Good luck in choosing a school for your child.