The existence of a logistics service company is very important given the company’s needs in terms of shipping, even for important shipments such as white glove delivery. And it’s also for storing goods that will eventually get to their destination. For more details, the following is a description of logistics services.

Understanding Logistic

Logistics is a company that provides transportation services for shipping goods from the place of collection of goods to the destination, and also provides warehouse rental services for other companies to deviate their goods.

Advantages of Using Logistics Services

Improve service

By using logistics services, the company as a client will be greatly helped in channeling logistics to the distribution area or to other clients. Thus, companies that use logistics services will be able to improve services to clients and consumers because the focus is only on core work and improving the quality of services and products.

There is a warranty

Logistics service companies provide insurance and guarantees in the event of damage to goods while in transit due to errors from the logistics service company.

Ease of Delivery of Goods

The benefits of a logistics service company can not only be obtained by the company, but also by individuals. There are times when you need to send a package out of town, even abroad with a relatively short period of time. You can use logistic services to send the goods.

Types of Cargo in Logistics Services

General Cargo

General cargo is ordinary shipment items so it does not need to require special handling but still must meet the specified requirements and safety aspects. Examples of goods that are categorized as general cargo, such as household goods, office equipment, sports equipment, clothing (garment, textiles), and others.

Special Cargo

Special cargo is shipment items that require special handling. This type of goods can basically be transported by air transport and must meet the requirements and special handling in accordance with International Air Transport Association regulations.

Cargo Overload

Overload cargo is a cargo that has been made manifest as well as other documents that are ready to depart but fail to depart due to aircraft overload capacity.

Found Cargo

Found cargo is cargo found at a particular station and which is not the destination station.